Dear Evan Hansen in Tempe 2018

You have to see this one by your own eyes! One of the best music shows is coming to several US cities this fall. If you feel lonely and have no friends, or, vice versa, do not get the guys who are shy and socially challenged, this musical based on the original story by Steve Levenson is right for you. Dear Evan Hansen show in Tempe it's something you will never forget. The cast has recently changed: charismatic Taylor Trench has replaced talented Ben Platt, but it is a worthy change. Those who have already seen the new version of the famous musical admit that it can be even better than the original one. Now, the team is about to move from Broadway to give performances in other cities and towns of the United States. It combines everything necessary for the exciting time:

  • Spectacular decorations
  • Beautiful actors
  • Gorgeous music
  • Engaging scenario
  • Inspiring culmination

Dear Evan Hansen tickets Tempe will be available online and in the venue closer to the premiere in your city. According to forecasts, they will cost starting from $99 and more. You should think about the preferred seats and hurry up to get the ticket from 27th of November to the 2nd of December. You will watch the musical in amazing ASU Gammage, one of the best places for such events in Arizona. You can find the rest of tour details online. What is so special about the venue?

Dear Evan Hansen at Why ASU Gammage is the Best Choice?

3017 - that is the capacity of one of the best venues in Arizona. Initially, this place was set up to stage the top Broadway hits and introduce an array of actors and actresses around the world. 90% of the funding is the result of successful Broadway series. 10% are delivered from philanthropy. Here, you can see the best performances in the entire state. Except for the spectacular Broadway shows and musicals, the visitors can enjoy the most large-scale exhibitors of performing arts. Many different genres are presented in its gallery. Here are the main details you should know about this venue:

  • Proscenium type of stage
  • 3017 maximum capacity
  • An infrared system for disabled people
  • It measures 300 feet long. By 250 feet wide and eighty feet high

In 1991, the outdated Auditorium sports arena was changed to the 2,830-seat Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre. It is the main place for the large-scale events and shows. In 1992, the location starts using the 213-seat Garner Galleria Theatre, but it is basically meant for the cabaret-shows. Recently, more than 1,000 visitors of the DCPA invested $1.1 million in helping the local education programs. Dear Evan Hansen will take place at the Buell Theatre. It is defined as a musical and drama at the same time. This city is the first city to accept the tour. The upcoming gigs are expected in Los Angeles, CA. You can get more information here.