Dear Evan Hansen in New York 2019-2020

Dear Evan Hansen is a Broadway musical no one should miss. The high school drama taps into our deepest feelings and raises the questions of the social anxiety and insecurity of the young people in our society. We all maintain a pretty facade, but sometimes it requires a show to think a bit about the wrong side of this social agreement. The people who are suffering are among us, they look like us. They don’t do wrong things because of their wicked desires: usually they just don’t know how to stop.

Why Visit Dear Evan Hansen in New York

On Broadway tickets end fast. When we are talking about Dear Evan Hansen - they end even faster! Why? Just because the original performance is always the best!

Dear Evan Hansen shows us the bittersweet story of the young man who managed to stop. Such a tender matter as social anxiety and insecurity requires an exquisite skill to show it. That’s why we strongly encourage you to go and see only the original DEH musical, performed right in a way its authors saw it.

Don’t miss a chance to see this incredible musical on the same stage it was born originally. Believe us, you don’t want to play the lottery this time: you deserve the best show, the best cast and the best performance. Get all that on Broadway, NYC!

Where to Buy Tickets to Dear Evan Hansen in New York

Usually you can buy tickets online, on but Broadway tickets are usually quite pricey. The average ticket price shifts from $119 to $499. If you really need a discount, you may try giving up the best seats (usually you may see online which seats are the cheapest). Another way to save money but still watch this wonderful musical in person is to hunt the rush tickets online. It is as risky as lottery, but you may get the best seat right in the day of the performance almost for nothing!

Broadway Current Cast

The current cast is not the same that played Dear Evan Hansen Broadway show for the first time. But the actors that are playing now are surely the best ones in NYC!

  • Andrew Barth Feldman as Evan Hansen
  • Roman Banks as Jared Kleinman
  • Mallory Bechtel as Zoe Murphy
  • Michael Lee Brown as Connor Murphy
  • Lisa Brescia as Heidi Hansen.

The cast is interchangeable and the actors can replace each other during the show. But believe us, they look equally brilliant in each role and perfectly adjust their performance to them. There are no rigid "one-role-actors" all the cast members are gifted, skilled and experienced enough to play this musical in any combination.

Where Is Dear Evan Hansen Playing in New York City

You may search to learn what New York theatre is showing Dear Evan Hansen now, but your best chance is The Music Box Theatre, one of the oldest in NYC. Spectacular interior, rich history and flawless reputation guarantee you an unforgettable show. Dear Evan Hansen takes place there very often, go check it right now!

The show also goes into tours, so even if you can’t visit NYC, you may see the original DEH musical even in your native city! Just visit and check the run time of the show. Maybe, you’ll have to wait a bit, but seeing the original performance with the best cast is worth it!

What is the Dress Code for Dear Evan Hansen?

It’s only natural to worry while going to the Broadway show. But Dear Evan Hansen requires no formal attire. It is a show about high school after all! If you really want to support the atmosphere of the musical and try to immerse deeper into the events that are happening on the stage, you may try wearing something you wore in your own high school. Anyway, choose something that will allow you to feel free and have fun!

Hurry up to buy tickets!

We envy you if you are going to watch it for the first time as Dear Evan Hansen became a sensation from the very first play. The people who watched it often return to see the musical again and relive the complicated feelings it awakens in their hearts.

Dear Evan Hansen at Music Box Theatre: The Best Place to Watch a Top Broadway Musical

One of the main NYC theatres has a capacity of 1009 visitors. It was opened in 1921. This Broadway there is located in Midtown Manhattan. The lobby has a plaque and wall exhibit that reflects the important historical events. The box seats stand out from many other seats in various theatres thanks to their huge and round shapes. They were once named “the ashtrays” by one of the famous actresses.

Even though the show is not recommended for ages under 12, only the kids under 4 are strictly forbidden in the theatre. Here is not a full list of the plays staged at Music Box Theatre New York:

  • Of Mice & Men
  • Dinner at Eight
  • A Few Good Men
  • The Diary of Anne Frank
  • In My Life
  • The Dinner Party
  • Pippin
  • The Homecoming

Now, the time of Dear Evan Hansen New York has come - do not miss this incredible show!