Dear Evan Hansen in Chicago, 2020

This is a story about a teenager, Evan Hansen, who is suffering from social anxiety and is ready to do anything to get friends, love, care and attention. Including pretending to be the best friend of his deceased school rival.

The musical is often described as a social drama, but the script has lots of underlying hues. Sometimes it turns from drama to the dark comedy, then to a detective story, romantic school story and back. It also touches such complicated matters as drug abuse and suicide. The main question asked in Dear Evan Hansen is: shall we pretend to be socially fine when we are definitely not? Can the loving and caring family save a person from descending into madness, or we need all the society to notice and help?

A marvelous play about social anxiety, school life and desire to be loved and noticed has already conquered the hearts all over the world! Will it conquer yours?

When Is Dear Evan Hansen Coming to Chicago?

The dates of the Chicago tour are July 7th, 2020 - September 27th, 2020. So why the rush, if the run time of the musical is so long? No matter how long Dear Evan Hansen runs in Chicago, the tickets will always be hard to get. This show is always so popular that getting tickets in the last week can be a lottery. Don’t hesitate to purchase Dear Evan Hansen tickets now!

When Are Dear Evan Hansen tickets for Chicago available?

You may already get your tickets here. Be aware that when the tickets go on sale in Chicago, the race for them starts! More than one-third of all the places is already occupied, hurry up! If you are also wondering what theater will Dear Evan Hansen be in Chicago, the answer is simple - it’s CIBC Theatre only. See why we recommend you to get your ticket ASAP? Only one theatre hosting this incredible musical!

Who Is in the Chicago Cast of Dear Evan Hansen?

Of course, we can’t predict the exact cast of Dear Evan Hansen in Chicago in 2020. But what we see now is a constellation of talented and professional people that make the story tap right into our souls.

The current performer of the main role is Ben Levi Ross. Ben’s Evan Hansen is just a reserved and kinda awkward guy next door. Ross brilliantly opens Evan’s hidden depths (or shall we say hidden abyss?) through the course of the story, making us shift from rage to sincere empathy.

Zoe is played by Jessica Philips. Her openness and sincerity in this role give soul and flesh to Zoe’s and Evan’s feelings. Jessica’s Zoe is kind and mild and her breakdowns aren’t so prominent as the troubles of the other characters, but we clearly see her growing and then shattered feelings, her shock because of her brother’s death and reconciliation with Evan in the end.

Phoebe Koyabe as Heidi Hansen is an embodiment of “moving on.” Her role is seldom appreciated as much as it deserves, but Heidi is a crucial character. Phoebe explicitly shows Heidi’s obliviousness at first, and then her guilt, care and overcoming her own misery for the sake of her troubled son. Rachel’s Heidi is a Mama Bear, in her own, quiet way.

Why Should You Visit Dear Evan Hansen in Chicago?

Of course, there are always lots of local plays to see. But the full show of Dear Evan Hansen will take your breath away. Just look at the reviews and see how people wish to go see the show, even if it’ll be for the second time. The brilliant script, awesome music, and incredible cast will grant you some great memories for the rest of your life. Go claim your ticket right now!

So, get tickets right now not to miss the great Dear Evan Hansen tour in Chicago!

Dear Evan Hansen at Oriental Theatre

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