Dear Evan Hansen Tickets, Plot, And Its Awards

Have you heard about legendary Dear Evan Hansen? It is the most popular US musical as for today, and it shares a story of the socially challenged school guy who suffers from problems with communication and anxiety syndrome. The rest of the relevant problems did not remain in the shadow. The musical covers the issues with drug taking, friendship, love, loneliness, family conflicts, lies, and more.

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National Tour 2019

Why is the show worth watching ? Except for the positive feedback from numerous magazines, newspapers, and websites, the musical based on the story by Steven Levenson has already gained a worldwide appreciation supported by the prestigious awards. For instance, its authors, Justin Paul and Benj Pasek, obtained the famous Tony Award for the best musical after its release on New York’s Broadway. One of the best-featured songs is “For Forever Dear Evan Hansen,” and we recommend hearing this one if you are still hesitating whether to visit the show. The full spectrum of emotions is reflected in the beautiful acoustic music.

Top Reasons to Attend the Performance

Why might you still want to watch Dear Evan Hansen musical after the replacement of the main actor? Well, Ben Platt had talent, but a new actor to portray the title character, Taylor Trensch, has this obvious charisma required to express the full spectrum of emotions: from deep depression and loneliness to real hysteria. His out-of-the-box thinking has already conquered the hearts of the severest critics from the top magazines and newspapers such as The New York Times and Forbes. They believe the cast is still great as well as the supporting music. You can taste several genres by attending the musical:

  • Pop-rock musical
  • Drama
  • Dark comedy
  • Detective
  • "Soap" opera

So, both girls and boys with their parents will find something interesting and special about this show. If you wonder how much time is required to see the full performance, the Dear Evan Hansen running time is approximately two hours and 30 minutes. There is a single intermission. In each city of the tour, you will enjoy the comfortable seats in the most popular local venues.

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